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Bugatti Chiron v F1 Car: DRAG RACE 

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Thanks to Shaz for bringing his Chiron - pulserally.com/
Thanks to Red Bull Racing for bringing the RB7 - aldesk.info...
Thanks to Ciro for setting up this race - www.petrolheadonism.club/


Get ready for our greatest drag race EVER… Bugatti Chiron vs Red Bull F1 Car!!

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you, but the stats on both of these cars are out of this world! Starting with the Chiron, it’s powered by a humungous 8-litre quad-turbo W16, which pumps out an astronomical 1,500hp \u0026 1,600Nm of torque! It’s pretty heavy though, weighing in at 1,995kg.

And then we come to the F1 car. This is no ordinary F1 car though - it’s the 2011 world-championship winning RB7! Powered by a 2.4-litre naturally-aspirated V8, it can put down 750hp. Think it’s therefore at a disadvantage compared to the Chiron’s huge W16? Well don’t forget it’s built out of carbon fibre and weighs just 650kg!

Trust us, this one is NOT to be missed! But do you think the Chiron has a chance? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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26 Qer 2021




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Mat Watson Cars
Mat Watson Cars 29 ditë më parë
Hi Mat here: did you expect this vid? Pls suggest some others in the comments and dare to dream. It appears we can make anything happen! 😂
Huey Kratos
Huey Kratos 17 ditë më parë
F1 vs Nevera
car kralj
car kralj 20 ditë më parë
rimac vs f1 drag and then track
Bruno Georgio
Bruno Georgio 24 ditë më parë
Any F1 from V10 era
Frantz Myrtil
Frantz Myrtil 25 ditë më parë
Aston martin Valkyrie vs bugatti divo
Fredrik Nyland Tessem
Fredrik Nyland Tessem 29 ditë më parë
F1 vs Rimac Nevers vs Tesla S Plaid! 😱
Aiden Brewster
Aiden Brewster 14 minuta më parë
ivoc90 16 minuta më parë
We want rimac nevera vs f1 car
Thechainlard 30 minuta më parë
It would have been a fairer test if there was just 1 driver in each car 😉
Billis 52 minuta më parë
Formula 1 cars doesn't have a nice engine sound to them.. i can get a similar sound from an angle grinder
Nikolay Kyosev
Nikolay Kyosev Orë më parë
The way the video starts is so much fun! Admiration for the presenter 👏👏👏
A J Thomas
A J Thomas Orë më parë
A drag between the new Rimac and a new F1 car would be interesting, but F1 isn't about dragging. So any bends are involved, that's curtains for the Rimac. Better to put a Rimac up against an actual drag car, which would utterly just destroy and humiliate it completely.
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F1 car vs Tesla roadster
Syed Rahmaan
Syed Rahmaan 2 orë më parë
that camera quality is crazy
Hrishabh Kumar
Hrishabh Kumar 2 orë më parë
Now this is Drag Race 🔥
Nicolas Xenofontos
Nicolas Xenofontos 4 orë më parë
why u are happy when u go front of F1 its not even pulling bruh
sxl1638 5 orë më parë
if you shut your eyes, you'd think it was up against an LFA..
Nipun Kothare
Nipun Kothare 7 orë më parë
I feel with a professional driver, this race would have been closer. Maybe even give very different results.
Sam._Xander 8 orë më parë
Another amazing race nice job carwow
Space Doggo
Space Doggo 10 orë më parë
And that's with the F1 car with hard tires, mate! Put it on softs and it'll zip right past the Bugatti on the start
Nicholas Bordages
Nicholas Bordages 11 orë më parë
One is 10 million dollars and the other is 2.3 million dollars
Susboy7 11 orë më parë
F1 cars aren’t meant for acceleration they h e downforce for turns
Ali Mehndi Hasan Abidi
Ali Mehndi Hasan Abidi 12 orë më parë
We want F1 car vs Tesla Plaid
Simon Berntsson
Simon Berntsson 13 orë më parë
The 250 million pound budget is not all for building the cars, so just dividing by four cars is not going to give you the price of one car.
The Mechanic 7
The Mechanic 7 13 orë më parë
F1 car is a beast even on hard tires and no DRS.
hater 13 orë më parë
when u are putting them on the circuit?
Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy 14 orë më parë
You would never see Ferrari change the sponsors or livery on one of Schumacher's cars. It's sacrilege that they have a Honda livery on Sebs winning car with a Renault engine.
princeblade 14 orë më parë
Oh man, F1 cars are really a bad ass. unable to tell fire fast it is unless we compare with a road legal car
Luka Kolobarić
Luka Kolobarić 14 orë më parë
try rimac vs formula
Silver Paw
Silver Paw 15 orë më parë
F1 vs F2 next video
igor 15 orë më parë
Get out of the car, 70kg is extra weight
Jay Singh
Jay Singh 15 orë më parë
Is that an Australian accent?
Demigod of Night
Demigod of Night 15 orë më parë
Best ALdeskr love always feels good to watch
Vybz 16 orë më parë
I wanna see an f1 car vs the ssc tuatara. I reckon the acceleration on the tuatara would give the f1 car a run for its money
SuperFernandoX 17 orë më parë
now the dodge challenger demon vs an F1 car
9ZeRo… 19 orë më parë
Even trying is pointless nothing beats F1 Don’t Need to even see the race
Jayden Lemire
Jayden Lemire 20 orë më parë
Do a supra mk 4 (not stock) against the Bugatti
Bartholomew Lyons
Bartholomew Lyons 21 orë më parë
Fighter jet racing a Boeing
HKmaroLS1 21 orë më parë
Chiron driver was asleep at the light. She's even yelling out 1-2-3, you need to be ahead of that shit man.
Bartholomew Lyons
Bartholomew Lyons 21 orë më parë
£62.5 mil? 😳
Sound of Gugu
Sound of Gugu 21 orë më parë
Don’t think I have ever seen a car owner look more shit scared of his own ride! He looks well out of place in that car. Take that Bugatti off him now.
pVoqz 21 orë më parë
A Redbull F1 Car weighs 650kg??? I thought a lot less, my Golf mk2 weighs around 800kg and it has all the interior
azzam aji abizar
azzam aji abizar 22 orë më parë
how with tesla roadster?
Laeeq Ahmed
Laeeq Ahmed 22 orë më parë
F1 vs tesla please
Leo Ali
Leo Ali 22 orë më parë
Chiron driver just didn’t know how to drive 🤷🏽‍♂️
Mbonisi Sithole
Mbonisi Sithole 23 orë më parë
A Ultima RS or a Rimac could have eaten that F1 car 4real
mbugua david
mbugua david 23 orë më parë
wouldnt 2 full grown men deny the chiron the boost it requires?🧐
Random Gamer
Random Gamer Ditë më parë
Bugatti Divo vs F1 car
Raditya Julung
Raditya Julung Ditë më parë
F1 no Drs? I think with Drs F1 can win in 1 mile
Serhat Karadeniz
Serhat Karadeniz Ditë më parë
f1 limited speed lol
frank ondieki
frank ondieki Ditë më parë
We need F1 vs Rimac
James Black
James Black Ditë më parë
"I am happy if the team is happy" sounds like the best type of guy to work with
Shauqi Mohamad
Shauqi Mohamad Ditë më parë
Hey, I want that 2.4l engine in a Fiat
GC Ditë më parë
pagani huayra vs koenigsegg one:1 vs Bugatti Chiron vs Porsche 911 turbo s vs Peugeot 208
محمد الحسن
محمد الحسن Ditë më parë
I want you to bring 918
Chalk6ix_NZ Ditë më parë
What about a V8 Supercar against the F1?
Abel L
Abel L Ditë më parë
Chiron lost due to the heavy ass of the presenter
PolloTokes Ditë më parë
Bugatti = Haas , prove me wrong 🤷‍♂️
No Name
No Name Ditë më parë
But I think the slowest f1 car on grid is faster than a Bugatti 😬
omar arteaga
omar arteaga Ditë më parë
Hello Mat Watson, it would be possible that one day you would give us the favor to review the regera koenigsegg.
Hubert G. Momin
Hubert G. Momin Ditë më parë
How bout Nissan GTR vs RBF1 car... Eager to see🙏
Jashwin Reddy
Jashwin Reddy Ditë më parë
how the hell did they get red bull to rent out the iconic rb7, which is rocking the 2021 livery (DC uses it on road trip productions and it was at Goodwood 2021)
Riley Jaxon Esico
Riley Jaxon Esico Ditë më parë
Scooby-Doo64 Ditë më parë
Kiidmelo3 Ditë më parë
koenigsegg vs f1 or koenigsegg vs devel sixteen
ITACHI Ditë më parë
62milion 😱😱😱
Waqar Mian
Waqar Mian Ditë më parë
Bring out a ninja h2r to kick the f1 car's but
Anas Zeidat
Anas Zeidat Ditë më parë
Next: an air-jet vs F1 Car
Richard Tyler
Richard Tyler Ditë më parë
That one was an odd match up but a lot closer than I expected. Should get an iroz rs3 to drag race either. They’d get spanked by a $80k sedan in that 1/4mi run. 😂
Daryl Vanderford
Daryl Vanderford Ditë më parë
Who cares how fast an f1 can go in a straight line?how bout some hairpin slalom switch backs.they mine ashwell be on tracks formula 1 are designed for lateral g forces and sticky tires but not a dragster
Saptarshi Kundu
Saptarshi Kundu Ditë më parë
Just 10 years old. destroys a Chiron. Automobile engineering at it's best!
Colton Hider
Colton Hider Ditë më parë
That F1 car smoking on that Bugatti pack
GG racts to videos
GG racts to videos Ditë më parë
I already know that Bugatti ass is going to get wool by the red bull f1 car🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Birchfield Family Butchers Since 1975
Im glad the stuck up buggati owner lost
Vedran Brozović
Vedran Brozović Ditë më parë
Every time at the start Bugatti driver is late! In the rolling race F1 started early. F1 9,2 Nevera 8,6 sec. F1 has no chance.
No Name
No Name Ditë më parë
Thats a 10 year old f1 car with no drs put a modern Mercedes W11 f1 car against it on the track and on a drag strip the W11 Would most probably smoke the nevera on a drag race and on track, the w11 is the most technically advanced and the fastest f1 car to ever hit the tracks and f1 is limited by a load of rules and regulation so just imagine if the FIA allowed teams to make the ultimate f1 car without rules
V 4
V 4 Ditë më parë
I’ve only just discovered this channel and what appears to be a Brummy car reviewer legend in the making. Where have I been 🏎💨💨💨awesome content 👍
The George Jamaica
The George Jamaica Ditë më parë
That's an expensive Honda 😳
Simeon Valenti
Simeon Valenti Ditë më parë
Your math is wrong Mat. The budget of an F1 team is not only for producing the cars. This is like saying that the budget of carwow is just to cover the cost of the video cameras you use to shoot the ALdesk episodes.
Jasson Guerra
Jasson Guerra Ditë më parë
Wow incredible how a $80M car makes look like a toy to a $3M car.
Peter Kuiper
Peter Kuiper Ditë më parë
That sound of the Formula 1 car i like it.
BMW MotorSport
BMW MotorSport Ditë më parë
Greetings to you from Ukraine. I always follow your videos, it's very interesting. Good luck to you!
BMW MotorSport
BMW MotorSport Ditë më parë
Привіт Вам з України. Завжди слідкую за вашими відео. Дуже цікаво. Щастя Вам
Lesly Marageni
Lesly Marageni Ditë më parë
Mat well done 👍 I like your channel
M91 Ditë më parë
Next I wanna see you race Jeffs Dong Ship, Bransons plane and Musks Rocket
Kenrick Crawford
Kenrick Crawford Ditë më parë
Get the Rimac back for the f1 car
yılmaz r
yılmaz r Ditë më parë
5:40 race
Džalabundži Ⓜ
Džalabundži Ⓜ Ditë më parë
Nevera vs F1!!!!!
Stephen Reilly
Stephen Reilly Ditë më parë
Jay Ditë më parë
Frank Kelly & his rally car is looking for other drag challenges, you should look him up as his MK2 Escort is an animal
eliasgurmann Ditë më parë
but if u take a new f1 car its insane
Darin Traver
Darin Traver Ditë më parë
That was awesome !! Great job and great idea !! Just new to the channel but I’m in !!!!
Sue Grisedale
Sue Grisedale Ditë më parë
Rimac Nevera V F1 car One person in each car would be interesting - No passengers Mat
Kevin Laguna
Kevin Laguna Ditë më parë
DANNYonPC Ditë më parë
Those crazy cars, but no drone D:
Aqib FREED Ditë më parë
Did anyone seriously think the chiron would win ??
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Ditë më parë
Stupid comparison. Nearly 1000Hp F1 car from 2003-2005 or hybrid from recent years will be lot faster than this shitty V8 car
Shehzad Khan
Shehzad Khan Ditë më parë
4:48 Thank me later😉
Nizar D.
Nizar D. Ditë më parë
Next up Matt: Plaid vs the F1 car, since it’ll do 9.2
Rolas 2 ditë më parë
Race a Tesla!
Marshall Marshall
Marshall Marshall 2 ditë më parë
hello from Russia! nice video
Karnye Grant Castle
Karnye Grant Castle 2 ditë më parë
Mira Moravek
Mira Moravek 2 ditë më parë
David is best
Ahmed Mostafa
Ahmed Mostafa 2 ditë më parë
Mat Drive the chiron
Yunan 2 ditë më parë
It's crazy how light an F1 car is
Faqja Tjeter