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Toyota Supra MK4 v GR Yaris v Celica GT-Four: DRAG RACE 

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carwow 24 ditë më parë
Michael Costello
Michael Costello 12 ditë më parë
no I was
Colleen Hipkiss
Colleen Hipkiss 19 ditë më parë
E46 m3 vs standard supra? ...
Aj Lighting
Aj Lighting 20 ditë më parë
Ewwwww auto Supra. Y even botjer
Mohammad Mirza
Mohammad Mirza 20 ditë më parë
We want a video for nissan r34 and athor nissans
jdm 21 ditë më parë
Third 😂
Red Shadow
Red Shadow 13 orë më parë
12 Year olds be like: "ew automatic supra" bro wheres ur supra
FlaringStar 14 orë më parë
using.... automatics. there's mechanical differences and speed differences between the manuals and automatics.
Patrik Arnič
Patrik Arnič Ditë më parë
Selika, 2jzed
mirek z
mirek z Ditë më parë
Automatic supra🤮🤮🤮🤮 but still amazing car
milenko bucarevic
milenko bucarevic 3 ditë më parë
Supra costs 27 k ? HAHAHAH
King_CheemsDoge 3 ditë më parë
Stfu 12 year old supra fans , celica and yaris is better and mk5 supra is still faster than your overrated mk4
Simone Taricco
Simone Taricco 4 ditë më parë
Celica forever
João Victor Trindade dos Santos
12 yr olds be like: IS THAT A SOOPRAH?!
Kostas Xamlatzis
Kostas Xamlatzis 5 ditë më parë
You forgot to mention that the celica is hella cheaper than the other cars
guiborges 6 ditë më parë
#6 million
ItsLevi 6 ditë më parë
I think the celica GT-four will win
Lauren Gundry
Lauren Gundry 7 ditë më parë
The old Toyota drag race
Alain Le Pain
Alain Le Pain 8 ditë më parë
WTF Supra and Celica are Auto...??? Who bought a 250+hp car in Auto back then...
Eric Steele
Eric Steele 9 ditë më parë
Good luck finding anyone who would sell an all original Mark 4 Supra in Today's Fanboy market for 27000 pounds given that Yanks are paying upward of 100k for them
Playcer 9 ditë më parë
2:24 that thing is running on semi slicks
ØÜSSÃMĀ ZĪGØLLÖ 10 ditë më parë
No offense but this channel is really good with breaking people's hearts
David Molina
David Molina 10 ditë më parë
Love the celica ❤️❤️❤️
Sports7 10 ditë më parë
theLordOfOof 10 ditë më parë
Junayd Malik
Junayd Malik 12 ditë më parë
Automatic supra?? Wtf
Agustín Suárez
Agustín Suárez 13 ditë më parë
The supra is automatic 🤢
Bruce Sutherland
Bruce Sutherland 14 ditë më parë
The Clutch smoke from that Celica on the drag race...... think it could do with a new one (no mean feat replacing it..) and some new brakes as it should be about the same as the Supra from experience.
Zac Oliver
Zac Oliver 14 ditë më parë
Love the 2004 Toyota Celica 😍
VEE 14 ditë më parë
This video was made to make the Yaris look alsome. Nice trick ya can't fool me its clearly obvious the supra & the Celica wasn't pushed as hard
VEE 14 ditë më parë
Nope your wrong that Supra is worth more than all the rest of the cars there
THorne H
THorne H 15 ditë më parë
But the gt4 is definitely the best looking.
mugyouoff 15 ditë më parë
Celica has a 5 speed manual by the way
TTV Whirl
TTV Whirl 15 ditë më parë
The sound of a automatic Supra made me bruh
Ghaaleeb Damon
Ghaaleeb Damon 15 ditë më parë
You alway bring the automatic supra Why!?!?!?
TurboGarageTEAM 15 ditë më parë
@carwow 1:24 5 speed automatic gearbox on the celica as you said 😂
GorillionDollarExtreme 16 ditë më parë
lmfao celica and supra with that colour and rims look almost identical, why would toyota do that?
Reece Taylor
Reece Taylor 16 ditë më parë
12.5 sec qm for that GR Yaris is unbelievable 😂 faster than an Audi S3, A35 etc. Only 0.4 off an A45s 🔥
Парванов Михаил
Ben Timmerman
Ben Timmerman 17 ditë më parë
Even though it’s slow I want the Celica
Ben Timmerman
Ben Timmerman 17 ditë më parë
If the Supra had a 6 speed manual it would have won
The Zig
The Zig 15 ditë më parë
nope, it would not
CBr - Cars And Bikes Racing
CBr - Cars And Bikes Racing 17 ditë më parë
More drag races here. ❤️💁‍♂️
Samuel Mwangi
Samuel Mwangi 17 ditë më parë
Mat the rolling race is practically unfair for all the races. You should consider the winner by looking at the car which picked up speed well and maintained the speed per roads regulations. Just because you came pass the car that picked up well at 160mph doesn't make you a winner. There us no way you're gonna be overtaking 160mph on normal roads. Thats practically possible but not on our roads with limits and regulations. I would suggest if you judge by which car picked up well upto the limits in your country. Assuming that 150mph is the road limit, Let's say A picked up and left achieving 130 mph then B came passed it at 150(or less)mph, B wins. But if A picked up achieving 150mph then B comes past it at 160mph, A wins because it has observed regulations. B broke them so as to pass you which rules it out. Am a Driver in Kenya and mostly 120kmh is the maximum speed set and sometimes you want to overtake another car going at 110kph but you can't since you would have to drive at 120-140kph to overtake quick which poses risk against safety and also laws of the country. I hope it clear, its just an idea because some of the speed you overtake with in rolling races are practically not just applicable, and unsafe too on our roads.
StrykerV8 17 ditë më parë
How do Supra fanboys feel watching a stock Yaris walk their favorite car?
FlaringStar 14 orë më parë
im certainly no fanboy, but uh... i wouldn't say stock yaris, as the connotations behind that would be that its the average granny's yaris shitbox. this thing packs a serious punch with it's power to weight ratio, and drivetrain. supra... heaviest, worst P:W, and the RWD will more than likely lose out to AWD. as well, transmissions have come so far since then, especially automatics like these. speaking of which, if they'd used manuals all round, it would've looked different. not so much who placed where, but overall speeds.
Movsar Naculchanov
Movsar Naculchanov 17 ditë më parë
Wait, did the Yaris with a 3zylindre engine the 1/4mile in 12,5s? For real??? That's ridiculously fast. Didn't do a RS3 the 1/4mile in 12,1s? Thats one brutal car! 💯🔥👍🏻
BADASSRACECARCPT 17 ditë më parë
We need a manual supra
Benjamin Sookwa
Benjamin Sookwa 17 ditë më parë
You lost me at automatic supra...
Chaz 17 ditë më parë
Please try Mazda mps3 some time!
Pontus Robertsson
Pontus Robertsson 17 ditë më parë
Does the Celica really have a 5-speed automatic and not manual? :>
The fake boomer
The fake boomer 18 ditë më parë
Bring some old muscle cars pleeasee
Ersan Şimşek
Ersan Şimşek 18 ditë më parë
Mat, Rimac vs f1 car drag race pls
Shaun Rohlehr
Shaun Rohlehr 18 ditë më parë
You a need a JDM Supra ik for sure it will win
The Zig
The Zig 15 ditë më parë
ut doesnt stand a chance
Josiah Thaver
Josiah Thaver 18 ditë më parë
Please get a moded supra, rx7, and r34 🔥 🔥 🔥 jdm forever
kgjhkhgf hfgjghfjgh
kgjhkhgf hfgjghfjgh 18 ditë më parë
There was a time, not that long ago, I could have bought gt4 celicas for under 3k euro in Ireland.
Dldar Xoshnaw
Dldar Xoshnaw 18 ditë më parë
Nisan pasphandar ples
goatkOkLoK3 18 ditë më parë
We need a drag race with honda Civic type r and the supra it's similar hp and kilos plzzzzz
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts 18 ditë më parë
I would like to see a 00's Corolla T Sport vs Civic Type R vs Clio Sport 182
Der hässliche Betrachter
Der hässliche Betrachter 18 ditë më parë
What a wonderful and lovely video. Was an interesting comparison with stunning cars.
JsnowPR 18 ditë më parë
Where I can find a supra on 27k$😂
Bradboy73 18 ditë më parë
2JZ? Seeeeee yaaaaaaaa
Shahin Yasini
Shahin Yasini 18 ditë më parë
Is that a Suuuuuupraaaa?
Raymon 18 ditë më parë
12 year old supra fanboys be like ''the supra is fake because it didnt had 1000hp''
Sascha Stahl
Sascha Stahl 18 ditë më parë
So, what is the Conclusion of this test? You won't really want to compare 2 true 25 year old classics with this carrot? 25 year old technology and parts, against the latest developments..... This test says nothing, except maybe that the technology has improved. Otherwise the Yaris cannot hold a candle to the Gt-four and the Supra.
Nick 18 ditë më parë
Miss the new Supra and the GT86 It would have been legendary
Je T
Je T 19 ditë më parë
I say , You should Say 2jzi Than 2jz
Tudor 19 ditë më parë
SuPrA HaS 1000hP sToCk
Rob dis Willis
Rob dis Willis 19 ditë më parë
I'd have the Celica out of them
ItsJustDare 19 ditë më parë
you shall do every supra mk1 - mk5 pls
S. Peti
S. Peti 19 ditë më parë
Automatic Supra without turbo....
LYF 19 ditë më parë
05:28, what Yianni's nightmares are made of
701 19 ditë më parë
But for a modern car the gr yaris can still rev up to 7k rpm and have a hard limiter not like many other sportscars like the 992 turbo s.
Max Bomber
Max Bomber 19 ditë më parë
Γιαννης Παπαγεωργιου
We need a strong jdm drag race of legends like supra gtr r34 silvia 350z and others
vicky vasekar
vicky vasekar 19 ditë më parë
I think he don't like supra... That's why supra lose
Adit Lotlikar
Adit Lotlikar 19 ditë më parë
Pls do 1000 hp suprA
francisco valverde
francisco valverde 19 ditë më parë
Matt could you add a test of slalom...
Amir Lotfi
Amir Lotfi 19 ditë më parë
why matt always tryna lose? give the car to Jeremy clarkson and ull understand tht matt is gay at driving
nuno pestana
nuno pestana 19 ditë më parë
Man how you manage to find a sock Supra? 😲
同吉熊學 19 ditë më parë
I want a 2JZ Supra Mk4
kiba 19 ditë më parë
there u go kids not all supras have 1000hp
Supra.lover 19 ditë më parë
I think that GT-four is a clone or needs a serious tune up 😂
Burda Dots
Burda Dots 19 ditë më parë
JDM No.1 ☝
Nicola Albieri
Nicola Albieri 19 ditë më parë
Doesn't the Japanese version of the supra have 280 HP?
Fabian Dieplinger
Fabian Dieplinger 19 ditë më parë
automatic supra🤢
Delta BoXeR
Delta BoXeR 19 ditë më parë
Why on earth did you choose the auto its slower than the manuel!
Oswaldo Castillo
Oswaldo Castillo 19 ditë më parë
Put all manual cars
JAME เซอร์เวย์
I love super ❤️❤️❤️
Mr. Durieux
Mr. Durieux 19 ditë më parë
Race that stock Supra with some supercars from the same age and close numbers
Dave Flynn
Dave Flynn 19 ditë më parë
Celica with an 5 speed automatic gearbox🤔😂😂 smh
dÁRkZíD3 19 ditë më parë
Yaris weights little to nothing compared to the supra and gt4 so power to weight always wins u less the supra takes advantage of its top end but might be too late the gt4 just has awd
Manmit Singh
Manmit Singh 19 ditë më parë
*2 J ZED*
unkwown user
unkwown user 19 ditë më parë
Every time you get olds cars always look better than the modern cars
ryan solomons
ryan solomons 19 ditë më parë
Love these old school cars. Can you race more of these cars like honda s2000 & civic coupe, nissan 350 & 370z, skyline gtr R32 R33 and R34. Toyota AE 86, mk4 supra, celica GT4, mitsubishi eclips, lancer evo, mazda RX7. VW gold 4 R32, subaru WRX sti ect. Standard and modified if posible.
Barney Black
Barney Black 19 ditë më parë
Broke my heart when he said it was an automatic ngl
Yacine ALG
Yacine ALG 20 ditë më parë
This Celica sounded like a real japanese car It was the best to me
Darkside 91
Darkside 91 20 ditë më parë
4:14 … Why does he pronounce Celica that way ?? 🤔
Melchor Vincent Agot
Melchor Vincent Agot 20 ditë më parë
Now do a Tesla Model 3 or S Performance against somebody's 1000 HP Supra.
rafif bian
rafif bian 20 ditë më parë
It That SUPRAAAA!!!!!
Karl Ashley
Karl Ashley 20 ditë më parë
Need a manual supra next time. Completely different
ASMR Channel by Asti
ASMR Channel by Asti 20 ditë më parë
Could you do another vid with your mum and girlfriend
Emre 20 ditë më parë
4 speed automatic is an insult to Supra.
SkillManOnline 20 ditë më parë
please makes these intro's shorter legit skip 3 min of the video its insane
GOD 20 ditë më parë
Slowest supra bruh tuned slowest supra. But still a supra
Jeremy White
Jeremy White 20 ditë më parë
dont have to be level for the break test Matt .. ;)
Liam king
Liam king 20 ditë më parë
A stock supra
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