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Buying my mom an electric car... But which will she choose? 

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carwow 4 ditë më parë
Looking to buy an electric car? Check out the carwow EV homepage for all the latest reviews & deals: bit.ly/carwow-Electric-Car-Homepage
Rover Waters
Rover Waters 40 minuta më parë
let me guess carwow is owned by your dad 🤣
Lord Nevets
Lord Nevets Orë më parë
Seriously, your Mum is awesome. There has to be a market for her advice. She's a natural and quite the Silver Fox. Yeah Matt I went there.
Fadil Sali
Fadil Sali 5 orë më parë
Do a reveiw on the lexus lx 570
Pure Heart
Pure Heart Ditë më parë
Now that’s Carwow! Good entertainment, it’s nice to see someone else smaller than Mat trying out these cars.
Pankaja Pankaja
Pankaja Pankaja Ditë më parë
You should buy Tesla model x
Valdis Vinsteins
Valdis Vinsteins 3 minuta më parë
I really enjoyed watching the whole video! Your mom is lovely!
Connecting The Dots
Connecting The Dots 6 minuta më parë
Sally, you are wonderful! Mat and Carwow - great video! Highly informative and entertaining. Here's my take on it twitter.com/ConnectingODots/status/1419237693297512449?s=19
Alex Conner
Alex Conner 8 minuta më parë
My favorite carwow video yet. We love Mama Watson!
Sahan Ravinder
Sahan Ravinder 9 minuta më parë
Was there any doubt she’d end up with the Tesla?! None at all!
Ian Kombo
Ian Kombo 12 minuta më parë
The filter on the video is a bit too much. The black areas on the video are too dark.
BA A 12 minuta më parë
This is so wholesome
Ava Gray
Ava Gray 15 minuta më parë
DATME: ok.me/ehOj -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾
Nakoja Simon
Nakoja Simon 18 minuta më parë
I thought Matt was the funniest in the family but his mother, oh no🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 can't stop laughing
OH MAMA 23 minuta më parë
that volvo is the best looking surprisingly
Bronwyn SoCal Gal
Bronwyn SoCal Gal 30 minuta më parë
Why the sudden cut edit at the coin toss? 🤨
Sohil Ronagh
Sohil Ronagh 30 minuta më parë
Mat your a good sport Mate! I think deep in your heart you know that Tesla was always going to be the best choice and value for money!
Gabriel 31 minutë më parë
That's where he gets his humor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯😂
Mary McBride
Mary McBride 33 minuta më parë
Love his mom! The moment she floors the Tesla is priceless. Looking forward to watching her drive her Tesla when it arrives.
Justin 38 minuta më parë
New slang word @ 5:49 "julya"
BUDGIE PRODUCTION 38 minuta më parë
I was hoping she would get the Tesla!
Lee Jones
Lee Jones 40 minuta më parë
Excellent choice of car, but above all… more videos from mum please, she’s fab!
Akram 41 minutë më parë
His zipper is open
Rover Waters
Rover Waters 42 minuta më parë
all women should drive ev vehicles, preferable with 2 wheels.
Taran Ratra
Taran Ratra 42 minuta më parë
Mother should start her own channel
VinAr Run
VinAr Run 43 minuta më parë
lol why would you buy a french car over a german one french cars are total shit its an easy choiice for the audi
J. C.
J. C. 46 minuta më parë
I was waitong for the 'momwow'
Guy Cinemuh
Guy Cinemuh 48 minuta më parë
Anyone else surprised she picked the small sedan over SUV's and hatchbacks? I genuinely thought she would pass on the Model 3 and say that if the Tesla was the Model Y with SUV features she would pick it. But Mom knows best! 🙂
John Edgewood
John Edgewood 49 minuta më parë
Model Y and Model X - should have been in the "line-up"...
Robert Hayes 64
Robert Hayes 64 51 minutë më parë
The Audi q4 e tron is beautiful
ngonidzashe muhlamaenza
ngonidzashe muhlamaenza 51 minutë më parë
@Mat Watson I hope the new EV is sufficient to incorporate Grace in Sally's car
Him Li
Him Li 58 minuta më parë
Love this video
len 59 minuta më parë
That Audi is BEAUTIFUL. Damn.
Rana Ghosh
Rana Ghosh Orë më parë
your mom can steal your job
Steve Coinitin
Steve Coinitin Orë më parë
Would never buy the Tesla due to the stupidly huge screen that controls nearly everything. A massive distraction whilst driving. And why does Audi always go too far with silly tech....the badly placed touch sensitive controls on the steering wheel. Probably crammed with $500 each sensors, anywhere they could squeeze one in. Audi and some other car markers seem to be in a tech war, that empties peoples bank accounts when they take these cars for a service or SENSOR fault repair! That's why I will never buy rubbish like this! I'll stick to driving much cheaper 2nd hand cars to buy, service, repair, insure, tax. The only 3 good things to be added to cars in the last 40 years are the ECU, a catalytic converter and fuel injection. Nearly all the rest was never needed! Electric cars are not really green until the energy they use becomes green. Energy produced to charges electric cars that's labelled as green is NOT green.....only a small % is! Energy companies buy green credits, trade them with others, who trade them too to make profits, whilst using a hefty amount of fossil fuels/nuclear, to make electric. Its a big con that's been going on for some years now. Sorry to burst peoples bubbles!.
Anton Orë më parë
Boe ”o” wate
Sachin Makwana
Sachin Makwana Orë më parë
Make her permanent reviewer...
Esrat Lipi
Esrat Lipi Orë më parë
Best carwow video ever ❤️
Heribert Cunill Roiget
Heribert Cunill Roiget Orë më parë
Absolutly funny, and a real diferent vision of standard test drivers. Your mom are very funny . My first choice for your mom are the Peugeot, but she prefer the best feeling driving and this suprise me.
Nico Molon
Nico Molon Orë më parë
She said she wasn’t high enough in the Opel, my thoughts: smoke a little spliff then init
G__o__l__d__ Orë më parë
Keyless entry
tiada nama
tiada nama Orë më parë
I need more of this!!!
IVCE IVCE Orë më parë
I work hard and cant buy car on my mam or make renovecion on house and always when go to work cry bcoz i can make happy my fammilly,my country is nothing only work and u havnet nohnig only pay bills for life,and im so happy when see how someone buy sometnhing for his her mam,and make her HAPPY, make ur mamas happy and love and hug alwayss when u have free time .big helloo from cowow :) and all beautiful amazing people :)
Rana Ghosh
Rana Ghosh Orë më parë
now I know why mat is a grate auto journalist ,because his mother to
Nisarg S
Nisarg S Orë më parë
Lovely video!
Marko Jerovšek
Marko Jerovšek Orë më parë
Safe drive
MarkJT1000 Orë më parë
Hi Matt, I'm your long lost brother. We were separated at birth but now I need a new car. Can we meet up? 😁
Sebastian Radwanski
Sebastian Radwanski Orë më parë
Mom should take part in tests more often.
Catholitic converter
Catholitic converter Orë më parë
Her reaction to first driving an electric car, tells you how little people understand EV's. The driving experience is so much more refined and relaxing. Taking the stress out of driving, especially in stop and go traffic. My wife didn't want an EV when I first mentioned it, now she wouldn't drive anything else.
Ito Nzamba Nzamba
Ito Nzamba Nzamba Orë më parë
Mama chose the right car among them all @carwow
Bryan davies
Bryan davies Orë më parë
That was fabulous fun, informative, warm and lovely.
g00dfeeling Orë më parë
This was really enjoyable watch
SHØ KÏÑG Orë më parë
Congratulations mother 🥺
Great video!
Merlin Nouri
Merlin Nouri Orë më parë
One Day I Will Do it too ❤
WardeN Orë më parë
Tax write off for business ;)
Lost Soul
Lost Soul Orë më parë
Amazing and a fun video format. Chilled out. Why have you waited for eons to get your mum as your car review buddy? Please make more of this format! Truly enjoyed this video.
ian bishop
ian bishop 2 orë më parë
Magic review what a lovely lady your mum is Matt more please.
Marcelo Marcondes
Marcelo Marcondes 2 orë më parë
Amazing content Matt
HenrikBb 2 orë më parë
This was great!
Ivo Briedis
Ivo Briedis 2 orë më parë
Your mum is amazing!!! And I am so glad she got the Tesla, 40k is a lot of money, but, it is one amazing car to drive! Looking forward to see how she is getting on with it! A couple of years ago we were at the west London Westfield and out of curiosity popped into the Tesla showroom, 10 minutes later we test drove M3 and completely fell in love with it, and a year later we got our own! 14 months in we still love it to bits. I am fully aware it is not a car to everyone’s needs and/or taste, but what Tesla has achieved is very impressive. We now need to replace our second, ICE car, with something a bit more affordable, maybe ID3 until Tesla brings out a small and affordable hatchback :)
springer 11724
springer 11724 2 orë më parë
Sorry Mat, you've absolutely failed your mum. The most important factor in owning any car is reliability, reparability and service network. You've totally left it out!!!! Tesla is miserable in the most important aspect of owning a car and you should have known better.
steven king King
steven king King 2 orë më parë
"At least it wouldn't cost me anything to buy a car" savage.
Emad Al-Quraan
Emad Al-Quraan 2 orë më parë
Great review, realistic and fun! God bless her 🙏
Jackson's Academy
Jackson's Academy 2 orë më parë
Lottss of love from India...
Hamad Alghfeli
Hamad Alghfeli 2 orë më parë
Video of the Tesla wall charger at your mom’s place. And your mom receiving the car please!
Lev P
Lev P 2 orë më parë
What a lovely relationship they have. This is brilliant
Jeremy Govender
Jeremy Govender 2 orë më parë
your mom is sooo sweet
prpeptv 2 orë më parë
They where all very Nice cars. But i would never have chosen the Volkswagen. Tesla, Audi and Peugeot where the best. Dont know wich one i would prefer do.
Eddie Moy
Eddie Moy 2 orë më parë
Love your mother! She made the right choice!
Newhyeser Online
Newhyeser Online 2 orë më parë
I feel very happy and enjoyed lot watching sweet mother and great son’s video
Saurabh Warudkar
Saurabh Warudkar 2 orë më parë
She's so sweet....I am happy for her.
Sandeep Sharma
Sandeep Sharma 2 orë më parë
Why on earth would any one buy a French electric car
Andrew Obanor
Andrew Obanor 2 orë më parë
❤️ you and your mom
TIM LEE 2 orë më parë
Most awesome carwow video ever!! Good on you Matt.
jassimran singh
jassimran singh 2 orë më parë
Super like for your mom Matt . Loved the video
toby s
toby s 2 orë më parë
Great choice Mum! We need some more collabs with your mum Mat, she’s fab
Jim Munro
Jim Munro 2 orë më parë
Great Vid well done getting the Tesla
Paul Oliver
Paul Oliver 2 orë më parë
Sally should be a regular, brilliant fun duo on every level ;-)
Jon Jon
Jon Jon 2 orë më parë
This was the best car review video I've seen in ages! Really interesting to see a real user experience and Mammy Watson is lovely. Looking forward to the follow up videos.
Jens Kristianson
Jens Kristianson 2 orë më parë
Great overview of some awesome electric cars and good choice mum 😀
wasim B
wasim B 2 orë më parë
I would have gone with VW... matches with her hair..
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos 3 orë më parë
Because you can ahahhaa
Actic Cat
Actic Cat 3 orë më parë
I would feel claustrophobic getting into the back seat of that mokka
Aditya Pawar
Aditya Pawar 3 orë më parë
I think his mom should do car reviews
Oscar Shelukindo
Oscar Shelukindo 3 orë më parë
Lovely lady good son. Can't wait to see her with her new Tesla. Bell icon pressed.
Robert Łaguniak
Robert Łaguniak 3 orë më parë
What a wonderful mom !!!
Captain Teemo
Captain Teemo 3 orë më parë
I love your mom
Jose F Saldivar
Jose F Saldivar 3 orë më parë
This video proves no matter how much FUD is put out by main stream media, once you drive a tesla and know of its quality and lead in ev word you will never turn back. All the other cars look just as old and outdated as the ice vehicles. Note: if it was my mother first thing I would have mentioned is it's the only 5 star vehicle on the road!!!
steven king King
steven king King 3 orë më parë
Number 1 son award goes to mat Watson. 👏
Solo Ratunaceva
Solo Ratunaceva 3 orë më parë
Not me cheering for the tesla too LMAO
Shahan 484
Shahan 484 3 orë më parë
ok so we have a car over here *The white one* and this one over here *The blue one* lol
stinger2k2 3 orë më parë
Great vid Matt. Looking forward to the follow up and seeing how long it takes mom to ditch her Leon!
TikTok Trending
TikTok Trending 3 orë më parë
not buying my mom these aldesk.info/head/jtbAe810fmnMtqs/video.html
Rémi Malenfant
Rémi Malenfant 3 orë më parë
Can she be in all episodes, please?
Mohammed Suraj Nahmoud
Mohammed Suraj Nahmoud 3 orë më parë
Min 15:59 : “You can live in the back”. She got me thinking. All I know is …
Zeghetank 3 orë më parë
Great mum, heartless cars. You should give her a drive in a sport SUV like the Audi Q5.
Maru's World
Maru's World 3 orë më parë
This is actually the kind of review most relevant for the majority of potential buyers. Most of them aren‘t car experts/enthusiasts, so they focus on details that most „expert reviews“ don‘t even talk about
Kiran Modagi
Kiran Modagi 3 orë më parë
Your mother is lovely !
Jordan Sage
Jordan Sage 3 orë më parë
I think Electric Cars are the true winner here. P.S. if you've never driven an EV - you owe it to yourself to go test drive one!
Andrew MacAlpine
Andrew MacAlpine 3 orë më parë
Loved this! Enjoy your new car Sally!!
Luis Soo
Luis Soo 3 orë më parë
I enjoyed this video, thank you Mat 😊
Muhammad Luqman Khan
Muhammad Luqman Khan 3 orë më parë
Mat you're so lucky man.. your mother is so lovely and cute
Jordan Sage
Jordan Sage 3 orë më parë
Why are the English so fanatical about car 'Boot' sizes? Always gets me...
Peter Gadsby
Peter Gadsby 4 orë më parë
Really good video Matt....